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what is research puzzle pix?

The pix name is shorthand for many different things, symbolizing the variant perspectives the site is intended to provide.  There are the pictures that anchor each edition and illuminate some aspect of the markets or the investment business.  And picks, links to items of interest to serious investors.  It is all delivered via pixels, of course, that look one way upon close examination and sometimes quite another from a distance, just like the markets.  The site is also named in honor of the Pix, a tiny theatre that provides glimpses of an ever-changing world to its patrons.

notification of new editions

New editions of pix are usually published a few times a week.  Most feature a chart with commentary, but some also include links to other online content.  You may sign up to receive email notifications, or an RSS feed is also available.  A link for each posting is broadcast on Twitter via @researchpuzzler, where other links to worthwhile investment information are also shared.

additional information

This website is designed to be complementary to the research puzzle, a blog by Tom Brakke that features a new essay approximately once a week.  For further information about the blog or Tom, you may consult the description to be found on that site.  By extension, the disclosures and copyright and usage policy explanations that appear there apply equally to research puzzle pix.


To contact Tom about pix or the research puzzle, or to learn about services to help you analyze your investment decision processes, please send him an email.